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Plumbing issues should not be ignored. It increases your water bills. It can be annoying if you have low water pressure or a nasty toilet clog. D&G plumbers’ professional services can take care of most plumbing repairs. Best Plumber San Francisco, CA.

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Why We Are The Best Plumbers In San Francisco

We repair plumbing issues of residential and commercial properties in San Francisco. We have experience in solving almost all types of plumbing issues from leaking faucets to clogged pipes.

Plumbing issues most times involves several parts at once. Our experts will inspect what is causing the certain plumbing issue before solving it, so you don’t have to call in plumbers for the same issue again and again.We are considered to be San Francisco’s top-rated plumbing companies, we love helping our customers with all their plumbing problems like clogged sink, damaged sewer system or clogged toilet and all other pipe repairs.

Our plumbing services also include 24-hour emergency Plumber San Francisco, plumbing repairs, emergency drain cleaning, immediate repairs to water heaters, residential plumbing, and commercial plumbing contractors.

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Dripping Faucets

The sound of drip-drip is more than just annoying. It increases your water bills and causes algae or mold growth in and around your sink. It does not take a lot of effort to fix a dripping faucet, in fact, we provide quite affordable solution to fix dripping faucets that will not drip in the future. The fix usually involves changing the inner part called the washer. The washer wears out with time or loosens up, a simple tightening or changing or the washer can solve the dripping faucet once and for all.

Bathroom Clogs

Sluggish flowing sinks in the tub, bath and shower drains are usually blocked by skin, hair or soap clogs. Many people accidentally drain in their washcloth down the drain, it can cause clogs that show up years later. We can use snake devices or snake cameras to see what has happened and provide a solution accordingly. Occasionally chemicals can be used to remove clog that aren’t big. We recommend calling professional plumbers if you notice slow draining in your bathroom so we can fix the issue when it’s small. As a preventive measure you can Install drain guard to catch the hair.

Kitchen Clogs

If the water in kitchen refuses to drain away it is obvious you need to call the plumbers. It is easy to plunge our small clogs from sinks but the clogs in the kitchen drainage system are impossible to solve on your own. They are usually affected due to food material or organic matter clogged in the drainage system. We can use snake devices or chemicals to get rid of the clogs so you don’t have to face stagnant water in your kitchen.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure happens mainly due to two factors such as mineral deposit or leaky pipes. Leaky pipes can cause most water to leak out of places you are unaware. And Mineral deposit can cause less water to flow through the pipe. Low water pressure is irritating when you are showering or working in your kitchen. D&G plumbers can check to see what is causing the low pressure and fix is subsequently.

Leaky Pipes

Leaky pipes are secret culprit of many house issues. They can can cause moisture to build up in walla and promote mold growth. They are an easy source of water for pests. They can make you lose water everyday without your knowledge. You might pay extra water every month and you don’t even know it. Moisture in your floor and walls can cause poor insulation and high electricity bills. D&G plumbing can assess situation and repair any leaks in obvious or secret locations.

Slow Draining Sink

Slow draining sinks are nasty. They start to smell and looks downright disgusting. Sometimes using a plunger can make the drain regurgitate all the gunk out of it and make it spill on the floor or worse your clothes. No one wants that. Slow draining is usually caused by blockage in the pipes either due to food particle in case of kitchen sinks and soap or hair in case of bathroom. Our team can try various methods to clean up the blockage and make your sink drain in a better way.

Clogged Toiet

Slow draining toilets are embarrassing and repulsive. No one wants to see their poo came back up. Running toilet again and again can cause extreme water wastage. Every time you flush you waste more than one gallon of water, just imagine how much water you will waste a day of you have to flush it multiple times. It can make your water-bill skyrocket. Toilet clogs can be caused by clogged sewer pipe or damaged flapper. Call us and we will inspect what is causing the clog in your toilet. Once the issue is been detected our professionals will solve the issue with efficiency.

Faulty Water Heater

When the water starts to run cold within seconds of your getting in the shower, its infuriating. All your major work will be halted if you have faulty water heater, you may even be late for work or take the day off altogether. There could be electric problem or mineral buildup in the water heater that can cause issues with it. Faulty thermostat can be another issue that prevents water from heating In such a case, you’ll want your water heater to be checked, repaired and replaced by a specialist. Call Plumber San Francisco today for help.

Faulty Garbage Disposal Device

Garbage disposal saves a lot of time from manually draining out food particles and throwing it in the bin. Garbage disposals can do this work in seconds sherred the food particle and disposing it. However, a faulty or damaged garbage disposal can your life hell. Usually, pressing reset solves the problem, but it doesn’t you might need to call a specialist. Our team is trained to repair faulty garbage disposals or change it the one you have has gone bad.

Backups In Sewer

Backups are not only smelly, they pose a threat to you and your family’s health. San Francisco has laws that expects every homeowner to get licensed help if case of Sewer Backups. At D&G we know how to fix Sewer Backups that comply with San Francisco Plumbing laws. We will determine the location of the issue and fix it for you. Call our experts for the best fix.

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24 Hour emergency plumber san francisco

Some plumbing issues need immediate help. We have dedicated team that take calls for any emergency plumbing issues and provides prompt response. Some common plumbing emergencies we cater to in san Francisco are water heater malfunction, bust pipes, overflowing toilet, sump-pump failure etc. An emergency calls for immediate help, plumbing emergency may cause flooding or your bathroom that can lead to the bedroom or living room. Overflowing toilets can flood your bathroom floor. With D&G plumbing’s 24x7 emergency service you can get quick and effective help instead of waiting for a whole day or even week for the plumber to come.

Backflow testing / repair

We expect to drink and bathe with clean water from our taps. If you receive smelly or murky water it is an immediate red flag. Although smelly por murky water doesn’t always mean backflow, sometimes it caused by mineral buildup in pipes. But either way, you should be calling plumbers immediate if you notice something different with your water. The last thing you want to find is your home or business backflow. Our experts can run a test on your water to check it is contaminated or simply has a high concentration of minerals which is giving it the different taste. If you find signs of backflow in your water we will take the necessary measures to solve the issue. We can help you install backflow prevention device. If you already have one and it’s not working, we repair or replace the device.

We are specialists in testing and prevention of backflow in San Francisco. Our backflow experts will examine the water for signs of backflow, will location where the backflow has arisen. We will provide an estimate and provide affordation fixes for the issue.

Our skilled plumber will install effective backflow prevention device at your house as soon as possible or whenever you feel is convenient for you. Backflow prevention device helps to create a closed plumbing system to keep sewer water from mixing with clean water and contaminating it with bacteria, chemicals, and harmful toxins that you and your family use to cook, bathe, and drink.

Drains and sewers

Drains and sewers are places you would always want to be working at it’s best form. When sewer or drains get clogged they accumulate food particles, human waste, hair and several other organic matter that can smell. It can also be great food for pests, increasing the pest population in your home. Most plumbing companies in San Francisco provide temporary solution for sewer drains but you will experience clogs few days later once again. Thsi happens if the actual cause of clog is not completely solved. We will use specialised equipment and expert knowledge in 20 years of our plumbing to completely get rid of the clogs in your sewer or drains. With our service we guarantee you won’t face any Sewer and drain related problem for years.

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  • We provide a warranty for our services and products. We guarantee full satisfaction of our customers.
  • We provide free pricing estimates so you can plan your budget.
    Our services and products are reasonably priced, we never overcharge our customers.
  • Every detail of the pricing will be mentioned in the estimates, so don’t get any shock while paying.
  • We do our work in a timely manner, completing the work within schedule.
  • We are flexible with our working hours so you can call us whenever you want and
    we will be at your service at your feasible time.
  • It is important that you choose a reliable plumbing expert or you will have to spend extra money to get frequent repairs. At D&G Plumbers you get guaranteed solution for your plumbing issues.

D & G Plumbers are the best. There was some leaking in my kitchen and I got to know about D&G Plumbers and gave them a try and they overdelivered and was very cordial and affordable. I eould definitely recommend them. John Smith


As the tap of of my kitchen was leaking I needed a plumber immediately and got in touch with D&G Plumbers and they came in no time and fixed the problem. Very efficient and professional plumber San Francisco. 

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