3 Reason To Re-Pipe

Your Home

Repiping is the process of removing and repairing both cold and hot water pipes throughout the home. Most homeowners wouldn’t go for this type of expensive and drastic measures. But believe it or not doing it all at once can be a more convenient and cost-effective option than having to constantly call on a plumbing company to repair relatively minor problems.

Here are 3 reasons to repipe your home

Old Piping

Galvanized water pipes are common in older homes. Pvc is a relatively new material, most houses that are more than 50 years old have metal or galvanized piping. When galvanized pipes get clogged, they tend to wreak havoc in your plumbing system. Over time, the pipes don’t rust through or get soft, they may start accumulating gunk in the inside that causes problems like low pressure. (Low pressure is extremely inconvenient due to the size of the tube or the buildup.) In such cases, repiping will restore proper pressure to the plumbing system of the house.

Nothing is better than enjoying the shower and having a strong steady water flow. It’s also good to do laundry at the same time and take a shower without having to worry about the decreased water pressure.

Mineral Buildup In Pipes

Obviously, fixtures are not the only objects that can be damaged by deposition of hard water mineral deposits. The problem could go deeper, leading to more severe headaches of plumbing. One of the most common reasons for low water pressure is clogged pipes. Mineral buildup is thick stone like substance that is hard to remove with even the strongest chemicals. It restricts the piping diameter over time, resulting in low water pressure.

If plumbing issues lead to the reduction of water pressure, it will occur slowly over time. So, once you understand the signs and symptoms and the issue is serious enough to call a plumber. Also if you notice red or brown water with a bits of rust into your water supply from the pipes, affecting the quality of your water call plumbers immediately.

Leaking From Multiple Places

Many houses have the supply of slightly acidic water. The acidic water may not be that significant, it can be 0.5 towards the acidic portion of the pH scale, yet it can slowly rust away the pipes. When pipes corrode, they leak and cause you and your home endless problems. Leaks can be as small as a drip, but they can be much more disastrous for your home and belongings as well. There are some warning signs to look for, and what to do if you see them. High water pressure-High water pressure on your pipes causes harmful wear and tear. Water zipping at high speeds through your pipes increases the risk that your pipes will break. The abrupt changes in water flow path may be too much for your pipes to handle, leading to leaks. Tree roots— Small cracks in pipes can release water vapor into the surrounding soil, where tree roots are noticed and burrow their way to your pipes, causing major problems.

How Is Repiping Done ?

The plumbers will shut of the water first so they can proceed with repiping. They’re going to schedule this shut-off so it’s going to last a short time and be turned on at the end of each working day. Then the plumbers will find the pipes to be patched using the same leak detection systems they use. This makes the next step easier to find the pipes specifically, which is excavating to enter the old pipes with as little disturbance as possible to build material. For example, plumbers would approach from the ceiling below to reach pipes in the floors in order to avoid having to pull up floorboards.

The actual replacement of the old pipes requires that the plumbers make informed decisions about what kind of new materials to use. Copper works best for main lines, while more flexible plastic PEX and CPVC serve better for tight spots and hot water lines.

The plumbers restore and resurface the affected areas after the pipes have been replaced. The aim of this patching and re-texturing is to mask the work that has been done so that you will have your home look much like it had before— only with far stronger pipes concealed beneath the surface.

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